Advanced Web Development

I can help facilitate advanced requirements including designing front end interfaces, planning advanced API integrations and much more. Commonly, these are useful for:

  • Large Business and Non Profits
  • Universities / High Schools
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Municipalities

PHP Programming

Most websites on the internet today run on PHP. I have decades of experience planning and building custom PHP applications, as well as troubleshooting and improving existing code throughout hundreds of various websites and projects. Errors are one thing, but I can also help improve application performance and security if need be.

API Integrations

Companies which rely on 3rd party services to manage information oftentimes need a way to feed them to a website for things like Product Integration, Inventory Tracking, Customer Record Management and more. I have extensive experience integrating APIs directly into my custom WordPress sites, or into any existing site. API information can be integrated at various levels, from on-page embeds to automatically populating hundreds of database fields, or posts which directly update your website safely and efficiently.