Forward Trends is the full service creative & development studio of Aaron Elliott. With a unique, multifaceted background of experience, I am a trusted partner to clients of all sizes from around the country. From my office in New Castle, Pennsylvania I offer services including Web Design, Web Hosting, Graphic Design, Creative Services and more.

As a kid, I loved art and design – drawing, painting, lines and colors. As a teenager I grew to love electronics and technology, which naturally led me to school and learning Systems Administration with a focus on Servers, Programming Languages, Hardware, Networking and much more.

Once I landed my first job as a Data Analyst, I quickly realized that wasn’t for me. Luckily around the same time (late 90s) the internet, and web design in general was just starting to take off. I started looking at early website source code and began teaching myself the basics. Once I got good, and started doing some side jobs, the owners of the company I worked at started to hire me for larger, dynamic web site design projects.

This would lead to my next job as a web master and network admin with a large, national mortgage company. At this job I flourished and eventually was put in charge of large wide-area networks, employee work stations, critical backups, phone systems, large scale databases and more. I continued to teach myself everything I could and subsequently built my real-world experience of high end technology and problem solving. This included building sites in multiple different programming languages and databases, and maintaining the servers they reside on.

I began doing contract work for various advertising and marketing agencies around Pittsburgh and Cleveland, in addition to building my own base of client work in a variety of industries. My eye for design and understanding of multiple areas of technology quickly helped grow my business. Soon, it was apparent that I needed to dedicate myself full time to web site development and Forward Trends, LLC was officially born.

Today, Forward Trends is still a leader in Web Development and Custom WordPress Websites, but I now also offer a variety of services to help with my clients needs and budget. This includes dedicated web hosting right here in Pittsburgh, Logos and Branding, Marketing Strategy, Photography, E-Commerce and more. I do ALL the work myself and never hire outside.

Throughout it all, I never lost my love for art, design and just being creative. Coding all day and dealing with intricate technology issues can become monotonous. In order to relieve stress and to have a creative outlet, I started creating artwork in photoshop… my version of “doodling” in order to relax my brain. I eventually started to post some of these to Instagram which organically grew into a substantial following of 26,000+ followers, and led me to produce artwork for Television Personalities, Musicians and famous Photographers among others.

My left and right brained approach to everything has become my niche in this business. I can make something beautiful AND functional that will last for years. I can troubleshoot advanced issues and quickly learn emerging technologies. Regardless of the project, I bring my variety of experience into everything I do.

– Aaron Elliott / @forwardtrends